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Automation is the development direction of the valve industry

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  A line to the rise of brought many employment opportunities for us, for example, because of the cost of the artificial rise considerably more and more customers began to choose pneumatic, electric and other automated valves, machinery manufacturing industry is a large supply, related machinery manufacturing business, at the same time also to increase sales to us, this kind of phenomenon is like a some distance, the vines grow makes the whole article is beneficial to the melon on the vines.Familiar with valves have known this for a while, one of the most important advantage of automation is the liberation of manual labor, improve the production efficiency, can make the equipment in the case of a single intervention, according to the preset program or command to operate automatically or process control, its goal is "steady, accurate, quick".

  In the market launch of the automatic valve equipment the most the earth to meet the needs of the market, the valve is cleared the obstacle in the development of the development of industry, let Shanghai valve to get better development in the valve industry.Automatic valve can reduce the factor of manual error operation, make fluid control more accurate, make the system work efficiency greatly improve, become a lot of chemical industry the first choice product.

  Automation is the development trend of the valve is a development opportunity for domestic companies, but should realize the automation of domestic valve industry valve exports less than 5% of the total output, imports and output, this shows that Chinas demand for automated valve gap is not small, products on the technical, quality and there is the gap of the abroad, also cant fully meet the needs of the domestic high-end market.Therefore, valve enterprises must seize the opportunity of this automatic valve development to improve market share and product quality.

  Under the condition of rapid economic and social development, automation will be the inevitable trend of social development.So the valve company must keep up with the big trend of social development, in order to be invincible in the market competition.