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The valve industry should accelerate into the era of electronic commerce

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  With the increase of the e-commerce market, there are more and more kinds of products, and the choice of users is also increased. The direct online experience of shopping is also more important.Valve how e-commerce sites the user experience, how to improve the user conversion, has become the valve e-commerce sites is in urgent need to solve the problem, this problem will also be the valve industry in the future competition focus.

  Along with the global economy into the depth adjustment phase transition, Chinas economy also usher in new medium growth cycle, the valve enterprise facing mode innovation, business process innovation, management innovation and so on multiple challenges.To realize lean management, strengthen group management and control has become the choice of valve enterprises.

  In fact, cost management is a management method of valve company to value chain.It is easy to find that the cost of marketing is limited as the labor cost increases.So, from sales, research and development to procurement, where is the cost reduction?A survey found that the average purchase accounts for enterprise sales income of more than 55%, the proportion of procurement cost control has become an important source of profit for enterprises, and electronic procurement will undoubtedly plays an important role.

  Through constructing the proprietary electronic procurement platform, and enterprise erp system integration form integration application, can form up and down together, internal and external coordination and integration of material procurement management mode, through the supply chain between enterprises in the information barriers, strengthen information sharing and communication between the enterprise together, through the routing management improve the efficiency of supply chain operation, so as to improve enterprise core competitiveness.

  It is important to build an e-business system.

  So, how exactly to promote the valve companys electronic commerce system construction?The following key factors should not be ignored.

  First, we need to change the concept of e-commerce construction.When it comes to e-commerce, many people tend to think of e-commerce as building a website.In fact, e-commerce is not only a website, but also a result of the transformation of the supply chain, which can promote the all-round development of central enterprises.Electronic commerce not only reflects the internal changes of the purchase and marketing system, but also involves the changes of the whole system of the enterprise strategy and the operation of the enterprise.Through the integration of innovative business model, with the latest technology as the support, we can optimize the management process of the enterprise, and really use information technology to promote the implementation of various management systems.Therefore, e-commerce is a kind of business change.

  Secondly, from the point of purchase and sale link, both procurement and sales business of optimization to change, either their own or building materials company in business logistics, of e-commerce model needs to meet two elements: one is the group interaction process smoothly and subordinate units, the second is the cash flow and information flow of connected with logistics business.Through what channel?How to buy?How to sell?Companies need to make good rules.Effective authorization or decentralization is carried out on the basis of a good system and process.With the development of e-commerce to mobile commerce, new technologies such as cloud computing and big data are widely adopted, and the importance of mobile security is becoming increasingly prominent.

  Predictably, the network marketing is an irreversible trend to affect peoples consumption concept, the valve industry into the era of network marketing is the inevitable trend, valves should be as soon as possible to carry out the accurate network promotion, initiative, as soon as possible for suitable for low cost high benefit of enterprise marketing.But if you want to do valve business network sales, in think must also ensure the quality of the products, on the basis of choosing the right target audience, adopt diversified promotion way at the same time, the traditional channels (journals) and network channels to cooperate with each other, complement each other, and also to do a good job of after-sales service, cultivating their own customers, increase customer repeat purchase.Only in this way, the enterprises network sales can gradually mature, and continuously achieve better sales performance.

  The era of information society need a wider range of information sources, more economic operating costs, traditional valve industry need to have the Internet platform to run, it will lead to the era of marketing, change the valve industry really into the era of e-commerce.