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The valve application area is constantly broadening the need for standard support

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  Valve industry products enter a period of innovation, not only the product category needs to be updated, but also the internal management of the enterprise needs to be further reformed according to the industry standards.Although the development of the valve industry has been stable for a long time, there are still unstandardized competition in the industry.

  In recent years, the energy saving principles and target of industry development, from the aspects of energy conservation, the development of the steam trap is the trend of The Times, and to the development of subcritical and supercritical high parameter, meet the needs of pharmaceutical machinery low-power direction.

  Exports are optimistic and companies still need to work hard.

  At present, Chinas valve manufacturing industry has been to provide user department about twelve categories, more than 3000 models, more than 4000 specifications of the products, its performance parameters from the vacuum valve to 600 mpa ultrahigh pressure valves, cryogenic temperature from 196 degrees Celsius to 570 degrees Celsius.Its main products are basically can meet the needs of the domestic market, and the valve market ChengTaoLv, complete sets of horizontal and complete ability are improved greatly, the revitalization of domestic valves have a certain foundation.

  Profound changes in the international competitive landscape must focus on nurturing and developing strategic emerging industries.China faces a combination of rising production factors and increasing resource and environmental constraints.This requires us to focus on the current situation, accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries, and pay more attention to the development of new products in the long run.Domestic valve export situation is optimistic, but not free from the severe competition situation, enterprises still need to work.To seriously carry out "stop order, promote transformation, target" foreign trade enterprise service activities, the full implementation of several measures of foreign trade development in "service", in the strict implementation of export valve type testing sample at the same time, optimize the export inspection process, speed up the customs clearance, positive for the outlet valve enterprise to build a good environment of foreign trade development, strive for an early hit Chinas valve industry brand that makes in the world.

  Expand domestic demand and promote industry development.

  It is reported that the per capita consumption level of valve castings in China is still low in the world, only 22 dollars per capita, which is still in the initial stage.The current international economic situation is very complicated, the capital debt crisis intensified, steel, metal products export form severe in our country, if the valve casting industry wants to get rapid development, boost domestic demand is inevitable.However, the current domestic demand side is low, and the following development path is a long way to go.Therefore, it is urgent for China to expand the domestic demand market of valve castings, to open the way for the development of Chinas valve casting industry, and to promote the development of Chinas valve casting industry.

  The valve industry will be developed in two main directions in the future. One is to develop from a single variety to a variety of varieties and multiple specifications, and the other is to develop towards energy conservation.In order to meet the needs of a complete set of manufacturing projects, a company needs to manufacture the valves required by the project, which will determine the trend of a valve manufacturer to provide all the products.

  In the future, electromechanical valve will become the mainstream of valve market.Due to the new opportunity and transition of the integrated development of electromechanical valves, the demand for electromechanical valves is increasing, but the quality and requirements of the products are also getting higher and higher.